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5 Fun Facts About Ramen You Should Know

The world believed that the best Japanese inventions of the 20th century were the Walkman and Nintendo, but they weren’t. For the Japanese, the best invention they have made throughout that century is instant ramen.

Ramen is no longer consumed only in Japan after 40 years, but all around the world, and its popularity continues to grow. Yeah, without exception, ramen restaurants can be found in practically every city in United States. That would be very easy.

Behind the delicious and addictive taste, it turns out that ramen has some fun facts that will leave you amazed and shaking your head. Here is a list of 5 unique facts about ramen that you should know.

1. Ramen is actually from China.

Identical to Japan, it turns out that ramen actually comes from China. This ramen fact was revealed when traced from its history, ramen is a typical Chinese soup that arrived in Japan with Chinese traders in the 19th century.

Ramen is still widely consumed today, both in Japan and beyond. It seems that Japan owes the Chinese for the name of this popular dish.

According to Gil Asakawa, ramen is the Japanese pronunciation of the kanji characters for the Chinese word “lo mein” or “lau mein”.

2. Ramen is the first noodle to be consumed in space

Instant noodle inventor, Momofoku Ando created edible noodles in space in 2005, two years before he died.

He found the sealed version of the noodle better than the vacuum pack, it had smaller noodles and a thicker broth. it will be easier to eat even in a zero-gravity state.

The noodles discovered by Momofoku Ando were named Space Ram Noodles. At the time, a Japanese astronaut called Soichi Noguchi took Momofoku Ando's creation, instant noodles, into space on the shuttle.

3. Consuming a lot of ramen can cause death

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that consuming instant noodles two or more times per week can increase the risk of heart disease and some conditions such as diabetes and stroke.

This is because instant ramen is processed with very high calories and sodium. In addition, the Styrofoam packaging in instant ramen contains BPA which

interferes with hormones in the body.

4. Best Selling Food sold in Rikers Island Prison

The Commissioner of Rikers Island Prison in New York must always provide cup noodles. The instant cup noodles, which sell for 35 cents, are the prison's best-selling food.

The guards would provide prisoners with hot water facilities to brew their favorite noodles. Sometimes, prisoners also use instant ramen seasoning to add flavor to the bland food in the prison cafeteria.

5. World War II inspired the creation of instant ramen

Japan's participation in World War II resulted in food shortages and famine throughout the country. There wasn't much food available to Japanese civilians at the time due to strict government food rules.

Just then, a Japanese guy named Momofuku Ando forced hungry people to queue for a bowl of noodles.

It turned out that Momofuku had created instant ramen during the Second World War and had begun marketing his ramen in 1958 in mass-produced packaging. Momofuku Ando then started Nissin Foods.

Those are some interesting facts about ramen that are rarely known by ramen lovers in the country. Not only eating, but you also need to know more about what you eat.

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